Machine Embroidery
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The LADNA machine embroidery house in Kyiv offers a wide range of embroidery and guarantees the high quality and timeliness of work. If you want to create a unique corporate style, think about promotions or simply want to make an original gift for your friends or business partners, we will be glad to help you. Are you interested in custom-made embroidery on the clothes ASAP? Well then you've come to the right shop! The experts of the LADNA machine embroidery house will help to make your products unique!

Our Advantages
We use only the best Japanese embroidery machines
We design and embroider items of any level of complexity
Our designers and artists will help to convert your dreams into reality
From a simple sketch to the appearance of embroidery in as little as 30 minutes
We have prepared answers to the questions most often asked by our customers. The information can be useful if you have not yet ordered embroidery from us.
How much does embroidery cost?
The cost depends on the complexity of the program, the number of stitches and the order quantity. The minimum price for 1 unit is 15 UAH.
How do you make an embroidery program?
Computer embroidery requires the creation of a program - this is a must - and if you do not have it we will write it.
How much does it cost to write an embroidery program?
The cost of writing the program is dependent on its complexity and the quality of your sketch or picture. The minimum cost is 150 UAH.
What materials can be embroidered upon?
Basically, any material suitable e.g. linen, cotton, viscose, velvet. In addition, we can embroider on leather and mesh. Fabric thickness should not exceed 3mm.
Can you embroider on finished products like jeans or T-shirts.
Yes, of course. And baseball caps, shirts, jackets, plaid, even socks. There are nuances, of course, for instance, if the intended place of the design would cause significant thickening of seams and fittings. In such cases, we would advise a more suitable alternative.