Embroidery on T-shirts

Long gone are the days when T-shirts were considered exclusively sportswear. Today, depending on the texture of fabrics, patterns and decorative elements, they are appropriate not only in the gym but also at the office, in restaurants, and nightclubs, too. Additionally, they are widely used as uniforms in many business areas, for example, in the fast food industry and delivery service. They are also topical as an element of advertising campaigns. Of course, all the elements of the finished product must be of reputable quality: they have to outlive frequent advertising and fashion changes and become your favourite item. As T-shirts, both as uniforms and casual wear, are regularly washed and ironed, the best type of decoration is machine embroidery. Machine embroidery on T-shirts has several advantages: firstly, it is far more cost-effective than any other printing on fabric; secondly, its appearance is perfectly preserved and does not fade; and thirdly, modern embroidery techniques enable the implementation of even the most unexpected wishes and dreams of the client.