Embroidery on Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is another popular item of clothing in the wardrobe of modern men and women which can be "revived" with the help of machine embroidery. To wear a polo one doesn't have to play the game, it is enough purely to be a fan of this style. The sheer dignity of the polo co-ordinates different styles of clothing making it an excellent base model. That said, such simplicity can feel too insipid and we may want toembellish it somewhat with a type of bright detail, like for example, some cool embroidery! You can even try to push the boundaries and come up with your own idea of the "embroidery of the future". Entrust the experts at LADNA with the realization of your thoughts - we are sure the results will not disappoint. It is quite possible that you will wish to continue in the same way and together we will create a garment with original embroidery for family members or friends. The main thing is to start!