Embroidery on Work Clothes

It is well known that the business card of any company is its employees. Many areas of activity involve the necessity of work clothes for personnel. This applies not only to labourers but also in areas such as cooking, medicine, military and civil aviation. Branded clothing and its elements are increasingly becoming an inherent part of the corporate image - whether it be on uniforms or the company's logo on the lapel of a jacket. There are many ways of branding clothes. However, in terms of price and quality, embroidery, certainly, occupies 1st place in the rankings as it allows the production of corporate insignia (lettering, logos or patterns) on any fabric using a broad spectrum of art forms. In addition, it is resistant to external influences (burning, washing, wear and tear). High-grade embroidery overalls emphasise the corporate identity of your company and will serve as an additional incentive to strengthen the corporate spirit. This means a positive impact on your business. The main thing is to entrust the work of embroidery to the experts - like those at LADNA!